Professionelle Screen Capture, Screenshot, Bildschirmfotos und Screen Recorder Lösungen...

Techsmith Snagit 2018 – Screen Capture Software

Snagit Box Snagit - das Screenshot, Screen Capture, Bildschirmfoto Tool

Abbildungen, Text und Druckausgabe vom Windows-PC erfassen, ganz einfach mit Snagits preisgekrönter Oberfläche.

Bei Screen-Capture (Bildschirm-Aufnahme) wird das kopiert, was auf dem PC-Bildschirm zu sehen ist. Snagit erfasst verschiedene Datentypen auf dutzende Arten, so dass Sie alles von Ihrem Bildschirm aufnehmen, bearbeiten und weitergeben können.

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Techsmith Camtasia 9 - Screen Recording Software

Camtasia BoxCamtasia - das Bildschirm-Aufnahme-Tool für Windows

Die Screen Capture Software Lösung mit Video-Editierfunktion und erweiterten Exportfunktionen...

Mit den Screen Recording und Video-Editierfunktionen von Camtasia erstellen Sie aussagekräftige Präsentationen und Videos. Das Programm ist somit ideal für das erstellen von Software-Lern-Videos, Schulungsvideos, Präsentationen und vieles mehr.

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Camtasia und Video Trainings

Camtasia Training

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Learn how to make killer Videos using the New Camtasia Studio...

Camtasia TrainingYou probably already use Camtasia or, at the very least, you've heard of it.

It's the #1 software in the world when it comes to making screencast videos (recording videos of what you're doing on your computer the video of a PowerPoint presentation).

And a big reason for that popularity is it's ease of use. With Camtasia, creating screencast videos is dead-simple. The software has literally been rebuilt from the ground up. The limitations that made it "screencast only software" have been completely removed.

What does this mean for you?

It means making great videos just got a whole lot easier. Instead of having to buy, learn and use different software to make different types of videos, you can now use Camtasia to quickly and easily create just about any type of video you want...whether it's screen recordings, traditional on-camera video, a mixture of both and more.

But how do you take advantage of the powerful new features in Camtasia 8? How do you eliminate the learning curve? And how do you use it to create killer "real world" videos like the one above?

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Mobile Video Training

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Do your Videos play on Mobile Devices like iPhone, Smartphone?

Mobile Video TrainingMobile video is the fastest growing form of media in the world. Nearly half of mobile video viewer's earn over $75,000 a year.

Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage in two years. 9 out of 10 Americans own a mobile phone. And over one-third of Facebook's 750 million users access Facebook using a mobile device.

The Problem

There are over 4,000 mobile devices and growing. There's a mountain of confusing technical information on how to deliver videos to these devices. Plus, mobile device makers cause even more confusion by often changing video specs with each new device they make. It leaves the average business owner at a loss over how to create mobile videos.

The Solution

Mobile Video Made Simple cuts through all the garbage and teaches you step by step how to make your videos mobile ready.

All lessons are 100% video-based. There is no fluff, filler or geek-speak. In just one hour, you can go from "clueless" to a mobile video master. No kidding.

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